The dream to one day own a herd of cows capable of producing show cattle has long been in our family.  It all started with a herd of Chianina cows in the 80's.  One heifer we raised (Bambi) went on to be the Grand Champion Heifer at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair for Kip Bonnell.  The herd was sold in the late 80's, and we bought all the 4-H steers.  We started buying from Tom and Denise Garriott and got hooked on Maine-Anjou.  We started our own small herd in 2004 and have added quality females from Howell Cattle Company.  We proudly offer Maine, Angus, and Cross cattle and are constantly working to make our herd better.  Our goal is to offer quality, reasonably-priced calves to local families and beyond and have a foundation herd for our sons, Joe & Trevor.

Acree Cattle Company has been a closed herd since 2006.  We are a certified Brucellosis and an accredited Tuberculosis negative herd.  We complete annual testing for both to maintain this status and want to keep them clean and healthy.  We work closely with the veterinarians at Seymour Animal Hospital and have a strict vaccination program.  We de-worm every 30-60 days with Cydectin or Dectomax.  All calves are creep fed a ration including Bovatec.  We chose to A.I. all the females and use only TH and PHA free sires.

DRA1A: I80 x (In Focus x Jazz)- high % Maine steer born Feb. 2013-$1000 SOLD

DRA2A: Thriller x Sleep Easy- Maine/Angus steer Broke born Feb. 2013-$950 SOLD

DRA3A: Amen x Ali- half Maine steer born Feb. 2013- $1000 SOLD

Coming in 2014! 
Calves by Thriller


• A big thank you to Jill Linn of Jill Linn Photography for the great family pictures!
• To Brady Lofton for his A.I. and nutrition expertise.
• To Howell Cattle Company for great females!
• To Drs. Pullen, Sunbury, Nakamura, Bobb, and staff at Seymour Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they give all our animals!
• Thank you to Areena Goon for her purchases!







We are conveniently located 10 miles off I-65
(exit #64 Walesboro/Ogilville) between Columbus and Seymour, IN.
Visitors Always Welcome!

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